I decided on a simple game to start Jellybean with basic mathematics, but wanted something that would be fun.

I used 6 different coloured small ice cream sticks so that I could create different difficulty levels. Each level is still fairly basic as this is her first real introduction to maths. 

The idea is that she needs to empty all the sticks out of the containers and first sort them into their different colours / difficulty levels. Then she needs to start with Level one and after working out the answer on each stick, place it in the appropriate box numbered 1 - 10 depending on the answer. All answers on all sticks are within the 1 - 10 range. 

There is one stick for each box in each level - a total of 60 sticks or otherwise 60 sums.

This is such an easy maths game to make and makes solving maths sums so much fun.

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