Even though we have not officially started our home schooling adventure as yet, we have already started discovering how much fun learning can be. Today we decided to cover Marie biscuits with different coloured icing.  But the trick was that for the girls to get the colours they wanted, they had to guess which colours you had to mix to make right colour.  They then got to mix them up into small containers so got to see exactly how the colours mixed together to make the colour they needed. All the colours you see were made up with exception of the yellow.  

They also spent time having to separate colours with the Smarties and Astros and had to count along with each Smartie/Astro they placed on their Marie biscuit. The kids had so much fun baking that they never even realised that it was actually a learning experience and already can remember all the colours that need to be mixed together to come out at orange, light blue, pink, purple and green.

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