I have spent most of this last week on Google trying to find a reading programme to supplement that which will come with the Sonlight Curriculum. I guess I just feel that reading is so important and opens so many doors. It makes life just that much easier if you have a fantastic reading ability and more importantly, a great comprehension of what you are reading. 

I initially looked back into my own schooling career and remembered a programme that we used as kids in Primary School at Cliffview Primary. It was the SRA Reading Laboratory and I recall what an incredible programme it was. Living in South Africa however, with our exchange rate between the USD and GBP, makes it almost impossible to use this programme as it is just too expensive to purchase. I then looked at a few more reading programmes originating from Australia, but once again, the exchange rate does not favour this. Then I had recalled a South African based programme introduced to me by Juliette's current teacher -  Readers are Leaders

The reason I never really looked into it any further was because I have a love for books - real books - not the kind that are all computer based, and the Readers are Leasers is exactly that - a computer based software. But after really going through the programme in depth, I have realised that this is in fact, the right programme for me to be using for my 3 little angels. 

Time to face reality and realise that our kids are growing up in a time of technology where everything will be done on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Might as well embrace it and give them the advantage.

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